Prana For Love with Lucy's Love Bus
Led by Sarah Oleson & Anthony Tomasi
w/Gong vibrational sound therapy by Romy Valdez
Sunday November 5th 7pm

Join Yoga instructors Anthony Tomasi and Sarah Oleson for an evening of heart opening and restorative yoga, followed by a relaxing and grounding sound healing with Romy Valdez. Proceeds from the event will go to Lucy's Love Bus, an organization that provides free integrative therapies such as yoga, music and massage to children suffering from cancer. 
The mission of Lucy's Love Bus is to deliver comfort and quality of life to children dealing with cancer by providing funds for free integrative therapies in homes, hospitals and hospice.  These therapies, such as yoga, massage and music, bring hope, healing and fun to the world's bravest children and to the families who love them. Our hospital-based programs offer group and individual yoga classes to help children heal their spirits along with their bodies. Prana for Love™ is an opportunity for yogis around New England to support children for whom yoga might be the reason they smile in a given day. As one of our hospital staff members explained, "we have patients who typically don't want to get out of bed jump out of bed when the 'yoga lady' comes!” One hundred percent of the funds raised through Prana for Love™ for Lucy's Love Bus will go to providing free integrative therapy programs for children with cancer and life-threatening illness.

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