Bliss in the berkshires yoga retreat


Spiritfire Retreat Center

Thursday, May 9th-Sunday May 12th, 2019

ENJOY THIS BLOSSOM INTO SPRING IN quintessential New England. Connect back to the SELF with deep, heart OPENING yoga, Enjoy farm to table exquisitely planned meals…

Laugh, create, energize,  and enjoy life!


Yoga for every-body

Yoga for every-body


Guided by Sarah, a morning Vinyasa Yoga practice will set you off on your journey.

Explore, create, laugh with friends or take some self solitude.

There will be optional daily workshops offered, including:

-Yin Yoga with teacher Kristen Carlson

-Dreamcatcher making workshop

-Essential oils workshop with Catherine Kulik

A guided evening meditation practice will open your heart and mind.




You can feel the sacredness of the 95 acres of forest, meadow, and ridge-surrounded valley. A trail system winds through the woods, over three small streams, beside a secluded meadow and back, lawn and gardens. Spirit Fire is a perfect match for those who relate to the land and its spirits; to nature and her beauty.

Night skies reveal magnificent stars and constellations.

The Fire Circe creates powerful bonds and magical moments.

... The Great Outdoors provide lasting memories for all who visit.



All Inclusive Farm to table meals

Healthy food means a healthy body, a healthy mind, and a healthy spirit.  All meals are prepared with a big heart and served with a smile.  Spirit Fire is committed to a healthy world and a healthy you.

 Seasonal, fresh, organic produce is used for each meal.  Spirit  fire frequently designs meals that need to reach a variety of diets including vegetarian, vegan, and omnivore.

The fun they have is finding the meal that satisfies all of the individual preferences, allows each of the guests to feel appreciated, and teaches everyone about the diversity of the food options available to us all.


All inclusive experiences starting at just $600