Love Notes 

“Blue Spirit Costa Rica 2018 was my 4th Yoga Retreat and I am a repeat guest. I know these trips are always beyond words and so despite the fact that it was a repeat at the same time, at the same retreat, I booked. True to form, I was delivered one of the most unique, groundbreaking, earth moving and deepest most profound experiences yet! The girls that I went with and I settled on the word "surreal" as the best way to describe it. So many experiences where you just look at each other and say "oh my gosh is this real life? This can't be real life!? " And that is saying a lot considering as I said this is my fourth retreat with Sarah! It just keeps getting better, so whether you have already attended or are thinking about giving it a try you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything in the world to gain. You'd probably roll your eyes at me and say "yaaa riight" if I gave you the details of the experiences that we have on these retreat's but I promise you, you've never experienced anything like it and it does truly require amazing facilitation to allow people to have such deep experiences. I feel it my personal responsibility to literally grab people by the shoulders look them dead in the eye and say "you have to listen to the words that I'm saying, you have to do this for yourself." I've even sponsored people to go on these trips because I am so confident that they will be changed so profoundly and so permanently for the better. Do it for yourself, you deserve it and life is too short to not see what it's really about! Understand your life on a deeper level, come out from behind the shroud and into the light! You will be amazed at what you find and what you can heal. Don’t overthink it, just pick one and sign up, alone. Thank me later”

_Leah Lynch, Owner of Beautique Salon, Newburyport, MA

“I have lightly practiced yoga throughout my life but have always longed for a more transformative experience in the classes I attended. I have been looking for that "X-factor" that would help me go deeper into the spiritual and meditative aspect of yoga during classes. I know I found what I was looking for in teacher Sarah Oleson. Her classes and private sessions offer so much that it truly needs to be experienced in order to be described properly. "  

- Ashley Plante, Photographer/Owner of Analog Wedding

" Sarah is not only a fabulous yoga instructor, but she is an all around beautiful soul as well. Her benevolent, compassionate and heart led actions come through her practice and instruction. She cares deeply about yoga and about each and every one of her students. Her graceful way of personalizing each class makes them compatible for all skill levels. Above all, Sarah is passionate about sharing yoga on and off the mat as a way of life. " 

- Heather Fritz, Owner of Groundswell Surf Cafe

“Great meeting you, Sarah! Thank you for sharing your practice and making my mother's day weekend so nice. You helped show my mom the value of yoga which is huge!!!” - Cara, retreat guest at SPIRIT FIRE

" I'm a beginner and Sarah has always made me feel really comfortable. She has a calming presence, she's instructional, she's fun. Even more importantly than that, I just love her as a person. "

- Alex Vandermark, Owner of The Juicery and The Soupery

" Sarah is a joy to work with. She makes you feel like the most important person in the room and is genuinely invested in your needs. It's hard to come by people who look you in the eye and actually listen when you're speaking-- Sarah is a teacher for all the right reasons. (She really cares.) "

- Tory Dube, Healthy Living Expert at

"If you are looking for yoga with spirit and soul, you have found a perfect match with Sarah Oleson Yoga. 

Sarah is an extremely tuned in, knowledgeable and innovative yoga teacher, who brings a wonderful sense of humor, compassion and heart to her teaching. 

My favorite classes are the restorative ones... at 49, I'm really turning to yoga for pain prevention and relaxation. Sarah teaches a full range of classes, for those who want to get a tough workout, to those looking to rest, rejuvenate and restore. Every time I attend one of Sarah's classes, it feels as if the class were designed just for me- and I always walk away wondering how she knew exactly what I needed that day. The funny thing is, we all walk away with that feeling- and this is the secret to Sarah's unique teaching style. She leads her classes with love, gentleness and humor, encouraging each student to embrace and become confident in their own yoga practice. I highly recommend Sarah for group and/or private yoga lessons and for her life-changing yoga retreats. Thank you, Sarah, for the gifts you share with all of your students! "

- Beecher Grogan, Director of Lucy's Love Bus

" Sarah is a beautiful and loving soul who embodies what it means to live as a true Yogi. She is a wonderful teacher, friend, and I wouldn't hesitate to take a class with her or travel around the world to attend a retreat. In fact I have, and hands down would again! "

- Emmy Katz, Holistic Nutrition Coach at


" Sarah has been working with me privately for several months. She is a skilled instructor who has enabled my 50+ body to attain flexibility and strength I have never experienced before. She does it with joy, kindness, a strong moral compass, and a grasp of her craft that is remarkable. I have recommended Sarah to any and all I meet. Not only is she a talented and skilled yoga instructor but, a wonderful person that I respect and admire. "

- Alice Stengel

" Sarah puts so much love, thought & energy in to her classes. She's amazing! "

- Jamie Karopolis

" I recently went on my first yoga retreat with Sarah. I had not practiced yoga in over a year, and I would consider myself a beginner. I was slightly worried I wouldn't fit in with the group. The trip was completely amazing and life changing. Its success was directly due to the talent, kindness, enthusiasm, and genuine passion for yoga that Sarah has! I did not feel uncomfortable at all and I felt the classes could be as challenging to my own needs as I chose. My only wish would be that I could live closer to her so I can go to her classes on a regular basis! "

- Emily Bluementhal


"Sarah is a gifted teacher and with an exceptional ability to connect to her students.  Her classes flow easily and fluidly - it is easy to let go of the world and find peace and serenity through her teaching.  She brings heart and soul to all she does, especially yoga, and intuitively delivers exactly what the class needs.Sarah is a rare find in yoga, delivering challenging classes that push growth while finding what it takes to let go and just be.  Love!! "       

                                                                                                                  - Karen Ahern                


Sarah Oleson’s corporate yoga class is the highlight of my work week! After a long day my coworkers and I love to go to yoga with Sarah to decompress and re-center ourselves to take on whatever the next work day will bring! 

- Hayley, Bennet And Company, Newburyport, MA