Is it the weather or is it just cold in here? Negative temperatures and negative vibes can make anyone feel closed off.  Instead of retreating inward, try battling off the winter blues by living with open arms. 

Just six simple steps will have you on your way to a happy, cozy winter!


Whether it’s real or fake, it’s always free! Flash those pearly whites to reduce stress and improve your mood.  With just a smile, you hold the power to reinforce or transform your emotions.  The oxygen it sends to your brain releases a good chunk of dopamine and is more contagious than the flu. Spread it around!


The more you give, the more you receive; from donating old clothes to donating some spare time – any effort counts! In return you could make a new friend, learn a skill, have fun and make an impact!


Amplify your positivity with just a few words. By focusing on the good qualities of the world around us, more opportunities arise to give.  A compliment is a powerful gift that can bring light to any situation. It’s easy to do; the only requirement is to be genuine.  Now get out there and brighten someone’s day!


A sign of self-love and strength. Do this for yourself, so you can be at peace, be happy, and be able to sleep. Letting go of the past will allow you to focus on where your energy lies in the present.  Mind and body will thank you!

Be Thoughtful

Let go of self-preoccupation and make a conscious decision to do something for others.  It doesn’t take much to make someone feel like they’re everything; sending a postcard or writing a letter could be just the trick!


Prescribed to enhance every aspect of life, with no negative side effects. Meditate to open your heart; to find empathy that will translate into actionable steps towards the path of happiness. Try practicing the heart meditation mantra, “Sat Kar Tar”, to live with open arms.  Awake the love and compassion you hold for the world by making this a morning ritual!

Get out of hibernation with these winter blues-be-gone steps!  Follow them to create a barrier for stress, anxiety and negativity. This will then only leave space for positivity and happiness! Spring is right around the corner, waiting with open arms. Until then, go outside and enjoy the snow!