Shifting with the full moon, the light and dark, and how to move into savoring summer without the stress.


The end of summer is inevitably creeping up on us. We see the back to school commercials, put our light sweaters back into the wardrobe rotation, and are enjoying the purple clouds from the earlier sunsets. If you are like me, right about now you are saying “Hey! Not so fast! I didn’t even get all the good beach days, get out on my friends boats as much as I wanted, fit that white water rafting trip in, or get to that outdoor concert I have been trying to get to for three years” … or… the list could go on. So, how do we savor the last bits of the summer sweetness without stressing out about what we still “need” to enjoy?

These are a few STEPS TO SAVOR SUMMER that I am going to try this week…

Are you with me?


Give yourself the gift to see what you HAVE done this summer rather than what you have not. Make a list of all of the fun things you did do, even if it was just one awesome day off.


Re-evaluate the things that truly make you happy. This can include a good cup of coffee, sleeping in late, taking a restorative yoga class,  or getting up super early and going for a long run. Do things that nourish you and that you can reap the benefits from IN THIS MOMENT.


Do you have a “core group” of friends? Or is it your family? Maybe it’s just you and your dog or cat? Whoever it is that keeps you grounded and makes you feel like YOU… go to them. Spend as much time with them as you can. In times of transition, we need our support systems the most… and be sure to hug them and thank them for everything they do for you.


Create! Do an art project, cook a beautiful meal, or write a thank you card to your mom, friend, sister or cousin… just for the fun of it! Creating something and feeling proud of the result boosts your confidence and lowers stress levels… so you can ease into transition with grace.


You will be able to follow your instinct to know if something is just not right… but it is your job to cleanse and get rid of it before the end of the season.