There is something freeing about traveling alone.  Yes, there is sometimes fear and missing my cat (and my husband)  and of course it is important to always be safe,  but if you have never traveled by yourself... DO IT.  As a retreat leader and now world traveler, I make time to explore a little bit on my own after my retreats. Sometimes, yes, I want to turn to someone and share the moment with them. But mostly, I LOVE to experience it alone. New air, new people, new scents, and only having a map in a new place is true Yoga... living in the moment. 

Consider traveling somewhere new by yourself. This could be as simple as Taking a hike at a new park you have not yet explored, or it could be booking that trip that you have been wanting to take for years. If you are thinking about it but apprehensive... don't worry. 

Here are some questions that are common before solo travel...

Will I get lonely? No. You meet so many people, especially locals, when traveling. People you would not meet when traveling in a group.  For the most part, people are very  friendly if you are friendly to them.  Talk to people. Make friends.

Will I be safe? Yes. Ask questions,  and be smart. Just like you would at home, understand your surroundings. Do research. Learn about the safe places to travel alone. Try Lonely Planet or trip advisor, and pay the extra money to stay in a safe place. It is worth it! even if it is just for the piece of mind.

What if I do something wrong to offend someone while traveling?  (say something wrong, wear clothing that is not appropriate or accepted)  Research the culture and the area you are visiting thoroughly before you go. What are the cultural traditions, what is the dress? Remember, if you make a mistake, or try to ask where the bathroom is and accidentally ask for salt…. It has happened before...really.

Will things be different when I return? There is sometimes a culture shock after coming home from a trip, but it is more about adapting to change. When you leave your comfort zone, your routine, you are afraid it may not be there when you get back. Chances are, it will be right where you left it. From there, It is up to you to keep the mindset you had when traveling… free spirited and open to positivity. Making friends, smiling at your neighbors. And you will have a whole new respect for tourists :)

Wondering where to go for your first trip alone? Come along for one of my FIVE retreats this year to cleanse and free the spirit.