Why can't we make every day be a day filled with LOVE? Newsflash (to all my hallmark holiday believers!)  GUESS WHAT? You do not have to have a sweetie to create and share love. Love is a currency. Whatever you give, you get. Anahata physically moves love through your life. Anahata is the sanskrit word for the fourth of the seven Chakras that align the body and mind. Anahata means “unstruck” or “unhurt.” The heart gives and receives compassion, love, unity, and balance. When your heart chakra is open, you are quick to forgive, and you are able accept others and yourself.  Is your anahata open? 

I had the opportunity last week, as a board member for Lucy's Love Bus to give back with Superflow Boston. My heart was wide open with 200 other yogis and smiling faces. We danced, we meditated, we connected, we healed. This was what true love is all about. Check out more here

I also taught a partner yoga workshop on Sunday.  at Riverside Yoga and Massage  . Twenty two smiling faces practiced opening their hearts through asana and hands on partner yoga. It was magical! Check out the photos here: 


1. Let go of negative feelings from your past. Holding onto hurt harbors negative feelings and cuts you off from opportunities to love and serve. Make the choice to let go. 

2. Have empathy...walk in someone else's shoes. Thinking in this way takes you away from yourself and self-pity and places compassion onto the other person.

3. The best way to receive love it to give love. Smile, forgive a grudge that you hold, and know that each hug you give means more than you know. 

4. Stop judging yourself 

Affirmations for the heart chakra: 

I am open to love.

I am wanted and loved. 

I accept myself. 

I am peaceful, and I accept things as they are.