Cold brew coffee?-check, green juice?-check, map of San-Fran yoga studios? A little-kid-on christmas excitement in my belly? DOUBLE CHECK. .... And I am off again! There is a different  excitement and kissin' under the mistletoe love in the air for me this holiday season. Maybe it is because I married the sweetest, kindest soul this year. Maybe it is because I am finding my true best SELF this year. Maybe it is because spending more time with family and less time at work IS worth it in the end. Maybe it is because I am finally proud of myself for diving in, for not being afraid of failure, and doing the damn thing. Maybe all of this. Or maybe, the universe is just on my side. This season, we speak so much of giving and receiving. I believe that I offer and give gifts to my students, my family, myself every day. Ask yourself....What can we I give today? Is it a hug, a meditative walk to remember a lost loved one, a simple smile or a heartfelt prayer? Can you help someone feel joy today? And I don't mean giving them a new Iphone case. But, if you do give them the I-phone case, write a special note saying WHY you thought they would like that specific hot pink and leopard print case. Good. Now go find some mistletoe and kiss the one you love, and mean it.